The Queenie Project

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On 22 October 2018, four abandoned, emaciated and (in some cases) injured pigs found salvation. Exchanging the rugged terrain of a State Forest for a straw-lined vehicle and kindness, they were Edgar’s Mission bound and a new chapter of their lives began. And whilst we knew that would not be the end of their story, we didn’t know there was still an untold chapter, as one lone sow was to remain, navigating her way through the rugged terrain and a most inhospitable world.

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On the 7th of October 2018 her story was ready to be told as she emerged from the other side of the forest, battered, bruised, bloody and bony. Drawn to the kindness of strangers, Queenie was ushered into a small back yard as human compassion came to the fore. The first image sent through caused our hearts to sink, as a vicious and painful wound on her rear end told of a horrific encounter, and one that too had almost claimed her right ear. And whilst we held great confidence we could resolve these injuries, it was the look of sadness and distrust in her eye that has caused us to embark on the Queenie Project. A project to win the trust of this beautiful sow, whose life, until this point had been that of a breeding machine mostly clearly devoid of both comfort and kindness.

Now, several weeks down the track, barely visible are the remains of those gruesome wounds; it is the psychological scars that the Queenie Project is making steady albeit slow progress on. But this is not a road we have not tread before, but one we have trotted along with the incredible Alice—a pig who firmly stamped her trotter in our heart and mind and proved that all things do grow with love.

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3 thoughts on “The Queenie Project

  1. Thank you so very very much for taking in Queenie. I still cannot believe she staggered out of that forest, and after such sufferering threw her lot in with humans. Thank you to the compassionate people who took her in and sought help.

  2. Hope dear Queenie recovers physiologically ,yes many thanks to the people who welcomed her and gave her sanctuary,and knew where she could go to be healed.

  3. Oh Queenie, my heart is sad for your plight. Edgar’s Mission is definitely the best place (in the world, I may add) for your recuperation. Thank you for the dear souls who took her in and found help.

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