Jack be nimble, Jack be quick

Edgars Mission - Goat, Jack-3

Well we all know how that one goes but this Jack didn’t jump over a candlestick. It was most likely a leap over a fence or gate that saw this young Boer goat holed up in an outer suburb pound recently. Fearful of we humans at first and quick to nimbly flee from our presence, it didn’t take too long for this dear boy’s personality to shine through as he began to nibble on our outstretched hands in anticipation of a treat, slowly learning we were indeed the good guys.

Edgars Mission - Goat, Jack

So strong in fact, is this goat’s cheeky demeanour that we soon had to rewrite the name recorded on our entry sheet with Jack Be Nimble becoming… you guessed it… Jack Be Nibble!

Welcome Jack Be Nibble! Yours will be a life truly worth living from here on in.

Edgars Mission - Goat, Jack-2

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