You never know until you Try

This is Try

Try, an ageing merino ewe, was witnessed recently by a member of the public aboard a livestock transport vehicle, desperately clinging to life as she lie almost motionless on the trailer floor, having endured being trampled beneath the hooves of her terrified companions. Injured, exhausted from her efforts to stand and covered in excrement, it was a miracle the elderly sheep had even made it this far. Some of her companions sadly had not been as fortunate, having succumbed to their injuries having had no way to escape from beneath the sea of hooves upon them.

In a twist of fate, as the livestock truck pulled into a service station, the stricken ewe made eye contact with the occupants of the vehicle beside her and a connection was made between the heart of this dying sheep and the people who saw her. Following the tug of their heartstrings, the kind hearted Samaritans knew what had to be done.

And so, they tried.

Edgars Mission - Paula, Sheep, Try

With the truck driver advising the kind hearts he was, “meant to knock the injured ones on the head,” but just couldn’t bring himself to, they were advised to meet the vehicle at its next scheduled stop. It was then a race against time as they abandoned their previously made plans and sought to save the dear sheep who they knew needed them to try. With sanctuary at Edgar’s Mission promised and our Rescue Team dispatched, the truck driver and kind hearts made good on their deal and Try’s safety was secured. Bundling the shaken, frightened and dripping with faeces sheep into the back seat of their late model car, they well and truly knew the life of this gentle being was worth the price of mild inconvenience on their part. Meeting our rescue team along the road to safety, Try was then Edgar’s Mission-bound. With the frightfully thin, ageing and badly injured sheep now in our care, our battle had only just begun. Only time, patience and a whole lot of care would tell if salvation had arrived too late.

And so, we tried.

Edgars Mission - Pam, Sheep, Try

Too weak to stand, bloodied and bruised from her ordeal and with the pungent covering of faeces slowly drying to a concrete-like burden upon her wool, Try still gave us hope she hadn’t given up her fight as she feebly munched on the fresh green hay provided to her, albeit through swollen and undoubtedly painful lips. With vital signs checked, medications on board and fluids administered we then set about the task of cleaning every inch of excrement from Try’s time-worn body, uncovering even more bruises and wounds along the way that caused us to gasp. Just how this dear girl was still holding onto life we did not know but we knew we had done all in our power thus far, the rest was up to her.

And so, she tried.

Edgars Mission - Sheep, Try

Defying the odds stacked against her, Tryrallied overnight and continued to gain strength by the day. After an introduction to members of her own kind, this brave and resilient being blossomed right before our very eyes, enduring treatments and wound dressings, learning that with each and every one came a tasty wheet bix treat. Witnessing Try today, as she spies her human friends approach and smacks those once swollen and bloodied lips together in anticipation of the treat that will no doubt be proffered, we are reminded of the immense power one single act of kindness can bring about.

Edgars Mission - Sheep, Try-2

Sometimes in life we are presented with opportunities to make a difference in the life of another. Sometimes the action required on our behalf won’t be easy or it might derail our best laid plans. Sometimes our efforts will effect change, be it large or small and sometimes our efforts may not bring about the outcome we had hoped. What truly matters in these situations, what the vulnerable and innocent beings with whom we share this world need from us now more than ever, is that we try.

Try stands at our sanctuary today, living proof that every single act we carry out has potential to make a difference. That each and every one of us has the power to change a life and in turn, to change our world. How do you know exactly what that change will be?

The truth is, you never know until you Try.

Edgars Mission - Sheep, Try-3 Edgars Mission - Sheep, Try-4

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3 thoughts on “You never know until you Try

  1. My heart was in my mouth all the way through Try’s story, hoping she would make it. I was so relieved she did and has gone on to enjoy some kindness in her life.
    Thank you to all who made it possible.

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