Five Dollar Friday 2018

Ray Ray, Hansel, Burpy, Together, Lucille, Babe, Queenie, Lemonade, Mary, Try…. These are just some of the lives our Five Dollar Friday community changed in 2018.

52 weeks of kindness. 52 weeks of changing lives together. We couldn’t do it without you.

Edgars-Mission-lamb,-Lambini,-Ray-Ray,-SheepHansel2Edgars Mission - burpy, Goat, pig, tripodEdgars Mission - Pam, Paula, Sheep, Try Edgars Mission - Sheep, Try-3LemonadeEdgars Mission - lamb, Lucille Edgars Mission - Hip Hop Bob, lamb, Lucille, Pam, pig, vetEdgars Mission - Babe, calf-2

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