Words have the power to change us… and so do our deeds.

Not only is this undeniably true, our words, our deeds and our intentions all have the power to create the future we desire. Here’s how we here at Edgar’s Mission continued along our journey toward a kinder world in 2018.

Our unending thanks to all those who make our work possible. We couldn’t do this without you.

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4 thoughts on “Words have the power to change us… and so do our deeds.

  1. I have often wondered that all there is for humans to learn in life, we can learn all that from nature. And there really are no words to describe the wonderfulness and tenderness you get from spending time with an animal, bird, tree, plant or an insect. With any form of life that lives in nature. Different energies and personalities. I am truly amazed every time.
    Looking all these wonderful beings in this video makes me so happy :) Just the purest joy and living in the moment with gratitude. If someone asks what is the meaning of life, I would suggest to spend a whole day with any kind of animal or just walk a day in the forest. And I believe that then the answer comes itself :) Spreading joy and living in the moment with a heart full of thank you’s.
    These are some of my thoughts on this year and in general.
    All the love and good wishes to you!

  2. Blessings to Edgar’ s Mission for 2019. If I lived in Victoria and close to you I would become one of your regular volunteers.

    Beautiful words Kadi – I thoroughly agree with everything you’ve said. All animals, in whatever form, are absolutely the best!


  3. It’s so uplifting to see the comments by others on the wonderful work of EM and supporters! Hopefully with awareness, more and more people will realise and act on what we already know – to respectfully share the world with all animals, not dominate or oppress!
    Love your work Pam!

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