Meet the Duchess of May and her dear Duke – a rose by any other name …

Edgars Mission - Duke, Dutchess, Sheep

Quickly named for her portly proportions that were far more befitting of a Victorian era, the Duchess of May arrived at our sanctuary greatly in need. Although her “bustle-esque” figure was quickly refined thanks to a long, long overdue shearing, we now feel a more fitting name for our new ovine friend could well have been “Mrs Robinson” for her overtly keen interest in her much younger companion, the Duke. Yet knowing full well a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet, the name has stuck, and so too the great bond between the Duchess and her Duke.

It comes as no surprise to us here at Edgar’s Mission that animals form strong bonds with others of their kin. Despite coming from different backgrounds, circumstance united their “being” as they were united at a rural country pound. And whilst both are rightfully and frightfully scared of we humans, it is through the dashing little Duke we feel a porthole to their hearts will be found, as he has already made the first steps towards accepting our kindness. Perhaps his youth and a lesser amount of time on this earth mean he holds fewer reasons to not trust our species, or perhaps his bred – dorper – means he is more willing to let down his guard. Whatever the reason and whenever this occurs, we have an entirely new realm of kindness awaiting them both.

Edgars Mission - Duke, Dutchess, Sheep-2 Edgars Mission - Duke, Sheep

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