Patchini—a little lamb in big trouble finds her patch of kindness

Edgars Mission - lamb, Patchini-2

With her size in an inverse proportion to her indomitable will to live, a lamb with two adorable and symmetrical black patches over her frightened eyes recently came into our world. On the receiving end of a dog attack that had claimed the life of both her mother and another flock member, Patchini bore the legacy of a short life hard lived. Unable to move her neck due to painful swelling, aggressive bruising and deep-reaching wounds, little did Patchini know that she was about to swap heartache for happiness, although the transition was to prove slow.

Edgars Mission -_-135

Whilst for many the victim here is little Patchini, we see too that the dog, although the antagonist, is also a victim, as both animals stand as “victims” of human domestication. Far removing both from their wild ancestral cousins and their natural smarts, both species repeatedly find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, ill-equipped to cope and so many rarely finding a patch of kindness. Ironically for Patchini, her patch has come about through this unfortunate incident, and although it currently sits in the shadow of her cheeky buddy Latini, we know it will only be a matter of time, love and wheetbix before she claims her own.

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