Hey Mister Mister!

Edgars Mission - Four Misters, Sheep-4

Did you know sheep have great memories and read facial expressions to determine how their pals are feeling? They do this to us too, preferring happy, smiling human faces over unhappy ones! Did you know sheep make best friends and have displayed problem solving abilities such as working out how to lie down and roll over a ‘hoof proof’ grid to reach greener pastures on the other side?

Edgars Mission - Four Misters, Sheep-2

Displaying similar sheep smarts are our Mister Mister clan who recently found themselves in the wrong place at the right time. There’s Mister Small who is less latitudedly-blessed and Mister Tall who towers above the rest. Mister Friendly thinks a stranger is just a pal you haven’t met yet and Mister Mister is as cool as you can get.

And did we tell you that sheep like our Misters are for lovin’ and not the oven? Didn’t know that? Oh, we guess you must’ve missed it!

Edgars Mission - Four Misters, Sheep

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