Thomas Seen Her

Thomas save her. It was a Sunday evening when the call came in. A frightened goat had wound up in an industrial precinct, huddling in an alleyway between two factories, in the Melbourne suburb of Thomastown.

Our hearts fell as our phone pinged, letting us know that photos of the thin grey goat had been received. Putting our best laid plans for a quiet evening aside, we knew we had no option but to render assistance.

Sadly the options for a goat in such circumstances are limited indeed. With nearby members of the public, busy roads and railway lines threatening safety at every turn, often the order comes from the powers that be for the animal in peril to be shot. Whilst we always advocate for the most humane and best outcome for the animal when we are present, we also understand the havoc a frightened, adrenaline-fuelled animal could create if they were to be pursued. As it stands, such situations and such decisions are out of our hands.

Edgars Mission - Goat, Thomasina

Thankfully in this instance, our good friend and fellow rescuer Manfred, of Five Freedoms Animal Rescue was present and it was a shot of kindness in the form of a tranquilliser dart that went the goat’s way to sedate her and not one to end her life.

Although it took some time for the highly adrenalised girl to succumb to her sedation, with light quickly fading and our growling stomachs not so subtly reminding us of the time, she was soon aboard our Kindness Van and was Edgar’s Mission-bound.

Now in the safety of our sanctuary, the dear girl we have christened Thomasina, in honour of the suburb in which she was found, is still yet to trust us completely but has been taken under the wing (make that, hoof) of Tripod the goat who is showing her all his cheeky caprine ways. It brings so much joy to our hearts to see how Thomasina, although having gained some much needed weight in our care, appears lighter, more calm and free in her spirit as if all the weight of the world has been lifted from her shoulders.

Thomasina. We see her. We saved her. And we love her.

Edgars Mission - Goat, Thomasina-2

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