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Edgars Mission - here and now, Sheep-2

Reminding us of the vulnerability of domesticated animals was a young lamb recently spotted at a truck stop on a busy highway. Whilst her circumstance was unknown, her fate was almost sealed, had not the goodness of the human heart come to the fore. With phone call after phone call seeking to ensure a safe outcome for the wee one, it was believed one had been secured, and a peaceful night of sleep was had by the kind heart. However, with the rising of sun, so too came a rising anxiety for the sheep, and so off they set just to be sure things had been put right. Heartache upon heartache, our Good Samaritan’s heart sank as they saw the hapless animal still by the roadside—all that time and no help had come.

Edgars Mission - here and now, Sheep

Hectic as we were, the day we learned of the plight of not one animal in distress but two (the sheep and the human who sought to protect her), we hurriedly set things in place to render assistance where it was needed most. We were praying all the while we would not be too late, and hoping all the while we could beat the thunderstorm that was signalling she was on her menacing way.  Rewarding our efforts, the rescue was text book, and soon the bewildered young lamb lay, albeit saddled with poor health and flystrike, exhausted in the kindness van.

One last task lay ahead and that was a name for our new friend. But what could it be? And then it was handed to us, quite literally, as the hand of the kind heart who cared came outstretched to ours and there inked on their forearm were the poignant words “here and now”. Watching the now healthy and vibrant little lady as she courses about the sanctuary with her buddies, the quirky quartet of rescues we have christened “The Happy Wanderers”, we can think of no better name for a being who daily reminds us of the importance of not dwelling on the past or being anxious about the future, of seizing the day and living in the moment—something our animals friends do in spades, and something we humans could well do to emulate.

Edgars Mission - here and now, Sheep-3

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12 thoughts on “Here and Now

  1. I love this. I have just finished reading Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now for the second time, and “Here and Now” is my mantra. Thank you for saving this sweet girl. And many many thanks to the kindness of the person who cared. Edgar’s, I love you.

    • What a coincidence, Barbara Lindsey. I, too, just finished reading his book and have been amazed at how many reminders to his philosophy pop up in my daily life. Who was it who said there is no such thing as coincidence?

  2. So often organisations who purport to be animal rescuers just don’t live up to it. They either don’t answer the phone or request the caller to leave a message. What good is that?? The animal needs help NOW. I’m so pleased this little sheep didn’t end up yet another road casualty. Thanks for going to her rescue.

  3. Love you Pam and all your team. You write beautifully and set the scenes for the wonderful work you do, sending hugs to you all and the kind heart who never gave up on the little furry people.

  4. What can I possibly add? It’s all been said already and it just shows how much you, Pam and your gang are loved and admired for the amazing work you do!! Where would these animals be if not for Edgar’s Mission!!!!
    Love you all!

  5. thankyou Pam and EM, I just wish ALL of us could wake up and see what we do and the harm we cause to those that deserve so much more respect :(

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