Nobody came


If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

If a goat turns up at a council pound and no one comes forth to claim him, does his life matter?

Whilst the first question may have fuelled many a philosophical debate over the years, to the second we respond with an emphatic and wholehearted, “Yes!” Sadly though this second inquiry is not a mere hypothetical thought experiment but the predicament in which our latest arrival Buckwheat, a most handsome and noble Boer cross goat, found himself through no fault of his own.

Perhaps most troubling in Buckwheat’s circumstance was the recent horn-removal injury he bore upon his arrival at the pound facility, as well as the bandage that had at one time been applied to address the trauma. This, coupled with Buckwheat’s friendly nature and ease around humans tells us that at one time he has indeed been cared for by people and perhaps even trusted them, yet his predicament causes us to wonder if he has been failed at the very time he needed them most.

Being branded ‘livestock’ sees legislation treat Buckwheat’s impoundment differently to that of domestic animals. After serving the requisite waiting period in which no carer came forth to claim the dear boy, goats like Buckwheat are then traditionally put to auction, their lives and in turn their fates, sealed by the highest bidder. However, not only was there no carer coming forth to claim Buckwheat as their own, his auction day came and went… And nobody came.

Being labelled ‘livestock ‘ will never diminish the value of Buckwheat’s life in our eyes. Although a sad tale indeed that such a gentle and regal goat stood all alone at the time he needed someone most, ultimately kindness found him. Buckwheat found sanctuary within the gates of Edgar’s Mission and his life will matter, to him and to us, each and every day from here on in.

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