Bless Ewe!

Edgars Mission - bless ewe, Pam, Sheep

And bless all those who find it in their hearts to stop and help another soul in need. Such was the case recently as a kind Samaritan saved the life of a lamb on the run. Having been spotted several times along the roadside, it was kindness, patience and persistence that eventually reigned the dehydrated young ewe in. With the authorities advising a shotgun the only solution to the homeless lamb’s plight, this kind heart knew a better outcome must be possible. Again kindness, patience and persistence were the order of the day and the hours’ long trek was made to Edgar’s Mission.

Edgars Mission - bless ewe, Sheep

Christening the sweet cloud-faced girl Bless Ewe upon her arrival to our sanctuary, we were yet again reminded that the goodness of the human heart indeed has the capacity to overcome even the harshest of circumstances.

So welcome Bless Ewe and bless all those who love you too.

Edgars Mission - bless ewe, Luckini, Sheep Edgars Mission - bless ewe, Sheep-2

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