The one kindness couldn’t leave behind

Edgars Mission - calf, cow, gordon whitefoot-4

Big brown eyes gazing around, long lashes blinking slowly, soft tender nose raised to the sky and tongue outstretched, the tiny calf searched for the mother he would never again see. Born into the world just days before, Gordon Whitefoot knew tragedy sooner than most as he lay alone in the otherwise empty paddock. There was not another cow in sight. Gordon’s mother had died suddenly, cause unknown, and the remainder of the herd had since been moved on. But there Gordon lay, obscured by the tall, dried grass. Out of sight and, it seemed, out of mind. It was not a scenario Gordon Whitefoot was coming out of alive.

But he’s the one kindness couldn’t leave behind. Discovered in the nick of time by a kind heart, Gordon’s safety was secured and he was soon Edgar’s Mission-bound.

Edgars Mission - calf, cow, gordon whitefoot

Having entered our care at three days old, the Angus, Holstein cross calf fell outside the crucial first 24 hours of life in which colostrum is most effective. Filled with essential nutrients and immune-boosting antibodies, colostrum is essential in setting newborn mammals up for good health, giving babies like Gordon the ability to stave off infection and disease. It was a tense first few days as we willed Gordon to remain strong and crossed our fingers in the hope his late mother was able to provide him with one last parting gift in the form of the essential liquid gold. We know, even if her body was failing, Gordon’s mother would have done all she could to ensure her baby had the very best chance at a life worth living.

And now, safe at our sanctuary, that’s exactly what Gordon Whitefoot has found. He’s the one kindness couldn’t leave behind. He is safe now. And he will be forevermore.

Oh, and why the name Gordon Whitefoot you ask? Well, because he has one!!! One small white sock, just above a hind hoof adorns Gordon’s otherwise jet black body-  a legacy of his late Holstein mother that Gordon will carry with him always.

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