Five Good Reasons


The early weeks of 2019 saw us welcome in The Year of the Pig and this has certainly been the case here at Edgar’s Mission. Welcoming many a porcine in need to our sanctuary, our work doesn’t end once they enter through our gates. Indeed, their rescue is only just the beginning.

February saw five of our rescued porcine pals undergo spay and castration procedures under expert veterinary care, which will allow them to either be rehomed safely or live out full and happy lives alongside our longterm residents here at Edgar’s Mission. This is in line with our strict no breeding policy, which ensures we maintain our responsibility as a rescue organisation by not bringing any more animals into the world when there are already so many in need.

We are incredibly grateful to our Five Dollar Friday Community for enabling this essential arm of our work. Ensuring safe and happy outcomes for our residents would not be possible without your support. So, from Ferris Bueller, Bart Simpson, Jackie, Barbara and Colleen we say thank you!

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