Ferris Bueller, when taking a day off pays great dividends

Edgars Mission - Ferris, pig

Late February 2019 Ferris Bueller decided to take a day off from being a farmed pig.  Whilst in jumping from the back of a livestock carrier he achieved freedom it was to almost claim his life.  Thankfully though on this fateful day, when she would be needed the most,  kindness did not take a leave of absence.

The lot of a farmed pig rarely ends well, or loved.  Thankfully though, for the affable Ferris this was not in his tea leaves, although the journey he was to take to his nirvana was to be as rough and bumpy as the roadway onto which he fell.  Our first sight of him sent shivers to our hearts, as we saw the very large immobile pig tucked away behind small roadside shrubbery as several stern police looked on. Our first thoughts were, “we’re too late”, but not so as we learned it was a shot of sedative that have brought Ferris down and not one of lead.  However, the later was still a very real possibility should the frightened, injured and confused animal attempt to make good an escape towards the busy highway. It was clear, his life was on the line and if we got it wrong Ferris’s day off could well be his last.  Seeking to reward this courageous pig’s leap of faith with the best possible outcome we could, we leapt into action.  Pig shields blocked his exit as a stretcher ferried him to kindness in the form of a straw lined horse float.  Despite the sweltering heat that had added yet another assault on Ferris’s battered, bruised and bleeding body we managed to move his 250kg form to safety and then to sanctuary.  And so his recovery and new life was to begin.

Edgars Mission - Ferris, pig-3

We can only imagine the pain Ferris felt as his body cartwheeled along the hot bitumen roadway which claimed pieces of his flesh along the way, but thankful are we it did not claim his will to live, or his courage.  This courage has seen Ferris reward our faith in him as he has proven to be one of the most friendly, and “gentlemanly” of pigs one could find.  Honestly, we couldn’t love him any more if we tried.  Although he was to give a hint of his sweet and gentle nature the first time we looked into sad eyes and saw, waiting behind them, the Ferris we see today, just waiting for the opportunity to be.

Today as we stand, hand outstretched to touch his healing side, together looking into the setting sun our hearts bearing a warm glow knowing that Ferris now welcomes tummy rubs, delights in pumpkins (Kent not Grey) and sleeps in a ridiculously comfortable straw bed.  Watching him gaze off into that distant sky we ask ourselves of just what he is thinking; perhaps it is the first time in his life he has seen the sunset, perhaps he cannot believe his good fortune to be in a place such as this or perhaps he is not thinking at all, just savoring the moment for the glorious instance it is.

Edgars Mission - Ferris, pig-2

In coming to know Ferris as we have had the good fortune to do, we cannot help but get swept up by his courage, inspired by his determination and struck by the terror he must have felt on that fateful day yet continue to carry on regardless.  And he has emerged the other side as he was bathed in lotions, pain relief and of course kindness. Rounding out Ferris’s tale we can find no more fitting quote than one that comes from the movie from which he takes his name  -“the question isn’t ‘what are we going to do’, the question is ‘what aren’t we going to do?’ “, and that my friend is to never, ever, stop working to make the world a kinder place for animals like Ferris. What about you?

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