Being Babette

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Being Babette was not meant to be easy. Born into the commercial chicken industry into a body we humans have genetically altered to grow at three times the rate nature intended, her life was destined to be short, devoid of joy and most certainly devoid of kindness.

But all that changed when Babette and several of her friends were rescued at only weeks old, sparing them such an unjust fate. And for over three years, Babette and her ‘broiler’ bird friends have called Edgar’s Mission home and have lived lives all chickens deserve. They’ve enjoyed a lovingly-prepared, specialised diet to keep them satiated whilst minimising the mass added to their young frames. They’ve enjoyed many a day out in the sunshine, scratching in soil, summer days under their sprinkler or in the cool air conditioning and so much more. They’ve known kindness and love. They’ve been given names. And they’ve become known for who they are. Babette, with her penchant for cuddles, perching on the arm of her loved ones, delights in scratches just under the tail. Beth who insists on defying the overly large body into which she was born to perch on the highest surface in sight. Betany who modestly goes about her day, yet deep down knows she is a true star, her face having been seen up on billboards Australia-wide. And Bronwyn, whose serious and stern expression never fails to bring a smile to our faces.

Edgars Mission - babette, broilers, chicken

In knowing, loving and caring for these birds as we do, they inevitably break our hearts. And we’ve been reminded of this all too real fact yet again this week as Babette has spent multiple days at our local vet and then further afield at a specialised avian veterinary hospital undergoing x-rays and expert testing to determine the cause of her recent general malaise. With Babette discharged just days ago and our care ongoing, we are leaving no stone unturned to give Babette the days and the life she so deserves.

Being Babette’s carers is bittersweet. The gentle bird finds so much joy in her world and in turn brings so much joy to our own hearts, yet we know all too well that her body will fail her before she is ready. She is literally larger than life. That is, larger than life can support.

But in our quest to provide Babette with a life worth living and to ensure we explore every available avenue to do so, we are not alone. Our Five Dollar Friday community have allowed us to provide the care, specialist treatment and ongoing medications Babette has needed this past week. Babette- a bird who was only meant to live 35 days at most and never mean anything to anyone now has an entire community of kind hearts behind her, allowing her to make the very most of her one beautiful life.

Perhaps being born a broiler bird like Babette was not meant to be easy but giving her a life worth living is a whole lot easier thanks to you.

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Edgars Mission - babette, chicken

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