Her future’s so bright…

Edgars Mission -_-147

She’s gotta wear shades! And thanks to our Five Dollar Friday community, Pearl’s future is a whole lot brighter indeed. Entering our care back in 2017, emaciated, with advanced flystrike among a myriad of other health issues, Pearl’s journey to a life worth living has not been without its challenges. With so many challenges early in life, these days Pearl requires just a little extra care and attention in order to thrive. And this she receives daily in the form of therapeutic laser sessions, lovingly administered by Pearl’s greatest fan club, our Animal Care Team.

The veterinary-prescribed laser sessions alleviate pain in Pearl’s joints which sees her able to make her way freely around the sanctuary as part of our ‘Happy Wanderers’ sheep clan. This life changing therapy has been made possible through the ongoing support of our Five Dollar Friday community , a team of kind hearts who make life so much brighter for animals like Pearl for just the price of a soy latte each week.

Edgars Mission -_-146

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