The Andrew Sisters

While the Andrew Sisters whipped up a storm of harmony with their swing and blues hits of the 40’s, our Andrews Sisters of LaVerne, Maxene and Patricia are whipping up a storm of a different kind. A storm of smiles erupts whenever people see these innocent little lambs gamboling about. LaVerne and Maxene were found abandoned and greatly struggling to survive without a guiding mother to give them life sustaining milk. Exactly how long they were alone we do not know but it would appear this setback has greatly compromised their robustness. Luckily for them life is now full of nourishment, kindness and attention to their every need. Little Patricia on the other hand was one of twin lambs that had somehow been left behind when the flock of sheep had been moved on. The newborn Patricia bravely survived the frosty morn while sadly her sibling hadn’t. Almost frozen, Patricia was taken by a station hand to a local vet who fortunately had on hand a good supply of colostrum. This was enough to convince the tiny lamb life was worth fighting for and Patricia has never missed a meal since!

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2 thoughts on “The Andrew Sisters

  1. Pam, you are such a remarkable woman. I was introduced to your website by Miss Sheep “Molly Brown”. And in a matter of only a few months l have seen you rescue endless amount of lives that matter, not to mention your huge rescue of the battery chickens. Your commitment to your cause, to these animals who never asked to be born, has made me so proud of you. I briefly met you and Timmy at Kindness House and hope that one day, l too will be able to inspire someone just as you have inspired me.
    I thank you on behalf of all your followers.

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