Coconut Veggie Pots

Ever wondered what to do with an empty coconut shell? Well we have the answer! It all came about after enjoying a delicious lunch served inside a coconut shell filled with banana, sunflower seeds, pepitas, nuts and cinnamon at the Sustainable Living Festival earlier this year. Next thing I knew we were home bound with three coconut shells waiting to join the Edgar’s Mission vegetable garden.

Every Sunday we will share with you some fun and simple ideas to grow veggies in the comfort of your own backyard and this is one of my all-time favourites – Coconut Veggie Pots. After enjoying a delicious and nutritious coconut simply drill a couple of holes through the bottom of the shell for water drainage, fill with soil and either pop in a seedling or sprinkle some seeds – it really is that simple! When the shell starts to decompose simply plant it into the ground and as it breaks down it will add many nutrients to the soil around it.

If you missed last weeks idea – check out the Straw Bale Veggie Beds.

Send us a pic of your best veggie garden idea and we might feature it in the weeks to come, simply email Kyle.

Enjoy your Seed & Soil Sunday, Kyle

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2 thoughts on “Coconut Veggie Pots

  1. Brilliant idea, thanks for that. Would not work for the young coconuts which have formaldehyde used to bleach the white outer skin. I heard you can get organic ones but not sure where. You wouldn’t want formaldehyde to leach into the soil you were growing veges in.

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