Around the Farm September

September welcomes several new and very lucky residents. Sheepy Marbles, an adorable merino ewe who cheated death and hungry crows now calls Edgar’s Mission home along with two very lucky little lambs. Berni, rescued from a livestock market and dear little Thin Lizzie, a tiny new born lamb who instead of freezing to death alone in a paddock has melted our hearts. And the chirping trio of Happy, Sneezy and Sleepy, three tiny chicks rescued from yet another notorious school hatching project– we will not rest until we see these ill-conceived programs banned once and for all.

Oh and an oh so cute little piglet we have named Portia. Little Portia found herself in the local lockup (aka pound) for wandering at large with no valid reason. But valid hers was, she was looking for directions to Edgar’s Mission. Little Portia has already done one very impressive photo shoot and caused many to rethink what the word bacon means to a pig – way to go Portia!!!

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