Seed & Soil Sunday – Growing celery from celery

Who said you need to buy seeds or seedlings to grow your own veggies!?

Did you know you can regrow a complete celery from the piece you would normally cut off and throw away? Its easy, its quick and it saves you buying seeds. Here’s how: 

Buy an organic celery and cut off the bottom 2 or 3 inches from the base

Place your cut off in a bowl of water about 3/4 up the stalk. You can store the rest of the celery in the fridge until you use it.

After a couple of days it will sprout new shoots. Change water as needed.

Once the regrowth is a couple of cm’s tall dig a little hole in the veggie garden and place it in.

Cover the hole with soil, firm down slightly and water well.

Can also we done with Bok Choy :)

Happy Seed & Soil Sunday!

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4 thoughts on “Seed & Soil Sunday – Growing celery from celery

  1. I didn’t know that! I use celery a lot and usually throw that end bit in the compost. I’ll try that, and also with the bok choy. Thanks.

  2. I have found that a lot of vegetables marketed as “annuals” regrow the next year. I have celery regrowing from being cut down last year, chicory also regrows (and has beautiful blue flowers) whch makes the guinea pigs happy…

    Most gardening recommendatins are based on commercial requirements, many plants will grow at least one year more. If growing for greenery for pets, carrots, parsnips etc grow well from just a cut top. I am seeing if the broccoli will resprout also, but the dogs eat so much it could be hard to tell.

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