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Upcoming Events at Edgar's Mission:

  • Education Week - May (details to be announced)

  • Be Kind to Animals Week - October (details to be announced)

  • World Animal Day - October (details to be announced)


***** past events *****

Carols by Barnlight 2011 - see photos on Facebook!

see photos from Carols by Barnlight 2010

Carols by Barnlight at Edgar's Mission


World Animal Day 2011

Walk for the Animals

Compassion Art Day 2011

100 pieces of artOver 1,000 people attended Compassion Art Day 2011, with many artists donating the proceeds from the sale of their art to Edgar's Mission. 








Over 100 compassion inspired art creations stood side by side with gentle cows, curious chickens and friendly pigs.

Polly paints on "the face of kindness" canvasFounded in 2003, Edgar's Mission grew from Pam's love of her first rescued pig, Edgar Alan.   The sanctuary is now home to over 250 rescued farm animals like Hip Hop Bob who picked the day's lucky raffle winners.

Hip Hop Bob picks the raffle winners

Since their humble beginnings the sanctuary's message of kindness for all animals is resonating well with a public who is increasingly concerned about society's treatment of animals.
cruelty free fareVisitors from near and far made the trek to Willowmavin's our not for profit haven for rescued farm animals with brilliant weather ensuring the day was a resounding success.
Rory the yoga dog

"I have been truly touched by the love and dedication people have put into their artworks, with support coming from as far afield as Queensland" said sanctuary founder, Pam Ahern.  "And the overriding message I hope people can come away with from their visit today, is that compassion is just one kind action or thought away for all of us".


Thank - you for joining us and making our Carols by Barnlight such a success!
For more photos please visit the Edgar's Mission Facebook page.

Carols by Barnlight 2010 montage



The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”
Mohandas Gandhi (1869-1948)