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December Trottings

Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary's Monthly E-Newsletter
Friday January 6th 2012
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Lessons from a goose called Stanley

Stanley the goose, a recent arrival to EM, had lead a solitary life with an elderly couple. Sadly the passing of the old man saw Stanley's life in the balance as none of the extended family had a heart or yard big enough for the lonely Stanley. Arriving at Edgar's Mission, Stanley served his mandatory quarantine time then came the tricky logistical question of just where to find his permanent digs around the farm.

It didn't take Stanley long to seek out, find and attempt to befriend, the Obama's and the Clinton's, our resident goose family. But in a most politically incorrect manner Stanley's 'hey there brother' was not enthusiastically embraced. Their first night together saw much commotion from the goose house, suggesting some 'geesely' coup was under webbed foot, so much so we intervened and rescued the spurned Stanley. Hoping tomorrow would see a more welcoming day for Stanley.

So come sunrise Stanley blinked and flapped into a new day and again headed off to find his goosey allies. He tail feathered the Obama's and Clinton's all day, but with each advance he was met with open beak, tongue raised hisses, lowered necks fully extended and powerful outstretched flapping wings - that's goose speak for 'back off buddy'. Undeterred, Stanley while keeping his distance shadowed his compatriots all day and in fact the days following. Despite constant rejections Stanley keeps hanging in there, his resolve strengthening while that of the Obama's and Clinton's thankfully diminishing.

Watching Stanley and his attempts to become one of the in crowd, or rather gaggle, reminds us of how we all seek to 'hang' with our kind regardless of how removed we may have become from them. Instinctively identifying the 'us' in 'them' and the desire to belong. Perhaps this is why humans have been so enraptured with the animal kingdom from ancient times. At first animals were a great mystery to us but as the years waddles on so too did our knowledge, leading us to a place where we now recognise that animals are possessed with remarkable emotional and cognitive abilities so like our own.

And just as our circle of 'us' has burgeoned from our family, friends, neighbourhood and country to embrace people of other cultures, climates and colored skins, recognising that the physical differences on the outside does not diminish the universal kinship within, animals are coming into our fold as we work to heal our checked relationship with them. A relationship that has not only denied animals any claims on their own life as having one of meaning and purpose but also an opportunity lost for us to be the best that we possibly can.

It is the Stanley's of the world that serve as a gentle aide memoire we are all a part of the animal kingdom, seeking a place of comfort and to hang out with our buddies and all drawn together in the universal travail of life.

Pam Ahern
Pam Ahern
Founder & Director



2011 Year End Review

2011-And we hit the ground running with our campaign on behalf of bobby calves. Once thought a benign product, dairy came into the ethical spotlight aided by a most enlightening expose on the 7PM Project. Never before have so many animal issues been so roundly embraced by mainstream media. In particular the horrors eked out in Indonesian abattoirs drove right to the heart of a caring public, raising ire and phones as politicians were rocked by the outpouring of emotion. Such ethical concern caused a rethink by many of their own personal dietary choices.

Our outreach work continued as did our rescues and we are pleased to report 2011 saw many schools warmly embrace and favourably review our humane education program, 'Joining the dots'. We truly believe once a caring public is provided with the facts, actions will become aligned with ethics and how we treat animals will become our true test of character. Our Be Kind To Animals Week campaign (October 1-7) received a major shot in the arm with the announcement of noted author and all round good guy, Jeffrey Masson as its ambassador.

Over and over we see the ability of the animals themselves to touch people's hearts, clear people's minds and inspire compassionate change.

View our 2011 Year End Review video here


Something to make you smile :)

8 Very Lucky (ex factory farmed) Turkeys now call Edgar's Mission home. Watch them feel sunlight for the first time in our feature film Turkey Time.

Polly Wallows is sure to make you smile :) Watch Polly make herself a mudbath just hours before going on stage! This is one not to be missed!


Campaign Action of the Month

Tell them that you care!

2011 saw an unprecedented number of calls (by phone, email and post) to politicians, both State and Federal telling them that animal protection was important to their constituents. Let's keep the momentum going by reminding our elected representative that animals still matter to us in 2012. It has been estimated that around ten letters from voters represents the concerns of 10,000 people. So don't just talk to your friends and facebook about what matters to you, let your legislators know as well.

Here's a sample letter

Dear elected member (fill in his/her name)

I write to you today as my elected representative to tell you about an issue that is very important to me, animal welfare. I believe Ghandi put if well when he said, "the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be determined by how it treats its animals". Of particular concern to me is the treatment of Australian animals used in food and fibre production. 2011 highlighted many areas where our legislation has failed to protect these vulnerable animals from acts of cruelty, both in Australia and abroad. Whilst our animal protection laws believe some animals are more equal than others I do not. Please advise me what meaningful measures you and your party can put in place to protect all animals in 2012 and beyond from cruelty and suffering.

Yours sincerely

Don't know who your elected representative is?
State members || Federal members

December at a Glance

2nd: Mental Fellowship Talk
3rd: Kilmore Agricultural Show
4th: Castlemaine Farmers Market
8th: Mary Mead Catholic College
10th: Carols by Barnlight
11th: Nunnawading Christmas Market
13th: Miss Organic Christmas Party
17th: Caladenia Aged Care Facility
19th: Northcote School visit EM
20th: Warringa Park School visit
25th: Christmas at EM :)

New Residents

4 1 2

Roosters: Captian Midnight, Luciano
Pony: Jessie
Goat: Kenny
Geese: Stanley

For more pictures please click here

Picture of the Month!

This month's picture is of some of the 'Lucky 13' chickens grooming :)

Email Kyle a funny caption for the image above for your chance to win a 2012 Edgar's Mission Calendar!

Winner announced in January Trottings

Competition Winners

Congratulations to Tarin who wins a 2012 Edgar's Mission Calendar!

Tarin entered the caption `“Hey there beautiful, want me to rub some sunscreen on you? You’re turning a little pink..” Thank you to evryone who entered!

Out and about in January

Saturday 7th
Daylesford Famers Market
Daylesford Primary School,
Vincent St

Sunday 8th
Williamstown Farmers Market
Commonwealth Reserve
Nelson Place

Saturday 14th
North Essendon Village Farmers Market
Lincoln Park at the corner of Leake St & Lincoln Rd

Saturday 21st
Churchill Island Farmers Market
Churchill Island

Volunteering at EM

Volunteer Days for January - mark in your diary!

Volunteer Days for January are:
Sunday January 8th
Saturday January 28th

Please contact Kyle for more information.

Edgar's Mission Farm Hand

We need a hand, a farm hand that is.

From humble beginnings of one pig, Edgar's Mission has grown and grown exponentially over the years. So much so that the work load is beyond what is humanly possible for one person (and now two people, thanks to the ongoing commitment of Kyle Behrend).

While ever grateful for the enormous and significant contribution our volunteers make we are seeking the commitment of a hardworking individual on a weekly basis. We understand that this is a major commitment and as such we are making this a paid position. So if you would like to be a part of the rescue and animal protection efforts of Edgar's Mission and don't mind getting your hands dirty this may be for you, please click here.

Donating to Edgar's Mission

We are tax-deductible!
Did you know? Edgar's Mission is a registered DGR (Charity). This means that any donation over $2 is now tax deductible.

You can donate as a once-off or a regular donation via secure payment site, Our Community (just click the big red button above). If you are not comfortable donating via the web, or do not have a credit card, you can also download the donation form & send by post.

Workplace Giving
Our DGR status also now means that supporters can now make donations as a salary sacrifice to Edgar's Mission. Please see the ATO's web page for more information about how this works.

As always, our sincerest thanks to all of our wonderful supporters. We simply could not do any of what we do without your ongoing help and generosity.