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November Trottings

Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary's Monthly E-Newsletter
Friday December 2nd 2011
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A Christmas Story of Hope

Nestled behind every rescued animal here at Edgar's Mission rests a wonderful tale of salvation, and different as they all may be they are united by one common theme, that of hope. Hope because in a world that sees animals treated not as the incredible wonderfully rich emotional and intelligent beings they are, some find their nirvana. In a world where the labels we have afforded animals dictates their use and a world where an animals worth is determined by productivity not capacity to suffer, that in this world some animals have transgressed their predetermined lot and made it to the 'good' side, and many in doing so have touched the hearts of some pretty unlikely suspects is indeed reasons for hope. Animals like dear old Alby and his sheepy buddies who were rescued by an abattoir worker, or Gretel, our three legged bobby calf who so touched the heart of the dairy farmer that her life was spared. Like dear Ruby Dog whose beautifully sad face and soft licks melted the steely resolve of the farmer who was to have shot her. Of little Oakley Goat who was found abandoned at a quarry and whose plight touched the heart of the big burly truck driver. Over and over it is these animals in the face of adversity that indeed brings out the best within our humanity and reconfirms to me that all is not lost. That these creatures have somehow squeezed through that window of opportunity into an otherwise hardened heart, warms my heart and reconfirms my belief in its goodness.

But what is it about animals like Alby, Gretel, Ruby and Oakley that managed to pierce the veneer of cold indifference? I wish I knew, I would bottle it. My guess is that the human heart is indeed good, it's just that in some it has become a little jaded on the run through and it is the one on one contact with an animal at the 'right' time that makes the difference. We can talk about the plight of millions of faceless farmed animals whose lives we are not touched by but whose fates are determined by the choices we make however it can be that confrontation and connection we have with just one animal that makes the world of difference - to them and to us. That animals care about their lives should come as no shock given biological continuity but it is the similarity of that care to ours that really pulls at the conscience. How can one wish to cause harm to a creature that wants to feel the sunshine as much as you and I, who is possessed with the same need for food and water (and treats), and the same desire not to be harmed? Wanting to reach out to another soul in trouble is so natural and underpins our empathetic nature.

And it is for this reason that I will keep on telling the stories of the rescued residents of Edgar's Mission. None more poignant now than that of Hope. Two years ago, a then tiny piglet made good her escape from a pig farm. Frightened, alone and with no desire to become a Christmas ham and oh so fearful of man, little Hope determined that despite what she had endured life was indeed worth living and biting for. Biting down hard on the human hand that had found the wandering piglet and tried to catch her. She was not going to relinquish freedom without a fight. Thankfully and using their still functioning hand the call was made to EM and, with no grudges held, Hope had found her nirvana.

Today Hope and her buddy, cheeky Moniquey, have a life worth living, of mud wallows, green grass and wondrous soil, of fresh fruits and vegetables, of a straw filled bed, of shady trees and kindly humans. Our society knows animals can suffer and we know better. Economic reasons should never be a justification for circumventing what our heart knows best. So when next you are walking down the street and you hear a little grunting coming up behind it may just well be me, the story teller, accompanied by a friendly pig, looking for a heart to nudge and mind to clear. Peace and goodwill to all and please help make this Christmas a time to truly celebrate.

Pam Ahern
Pam Ahern
Founder & Director



Wallowing in the Waves

On November 27th Polly Piglet embarked on her second adventure to the beach this year. She had a blast of a day - wallowing in the ocean, digging in the sand, playing fetch with her stick and befriending everyone she met! We can't think of a better way to bring the year to an end than with some beautiful pictures of Polly loving life. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

To see the full album, please click here


Christmas time is coming!

With Christmas just around the corner Edgar's Mission has some great Christmas deals at our online shop! Pick up a 2012 calendar and a pack of 10 x-mas cards for $27 with free shipping (both printed on recycled paper, using veg ink and solar power)! Plus any order over $100 gets a free 2012 Calendar! What are you waiting for... click here to grab yourself a deal :)

Edgar's Mission would like to cordially invite you to join us for Carols by Barnlight on December 10th. Enjoy cruelty free fare, meet and greet over 250 rescued animal residents, take a farm tour before settling into the barn for carol singing!

Help us celebrate the true meaning of Christmas: kindness and compassion to all beings!

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Campaign Action of the Month

If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian

Many of you will still be reeling from the shock and horror that was shown to be occurring at a Gippsland Abattoir recently. What is equally disturbing is that the current regulatory system in place for abattoirs had failed to pick up what appeared to be 'business as usual' slaughtering practices of pigs. Whilst the closure of this facility has been swift one cannot be sure such atrocities are not occurring at other facilities. Until a compassionate diet leads us all to not harming animals we lend our support to Animals Australia's call for closed circuit televisions (CCTV) to be installed at all abattoirs.

To demand CCTV in all slaughterhouses please click here

November at a Glance

5th: Djerriwarrh Festival
6th: Maroondah Festival
6th: World Vegan Day
Sawpit Gully Festival
19th: Mitchell Shire Pet Expo
20th: Bendigo Sustainability Festival
22nd: Free the Bears Cocktail Function
23rd: Click go the Shears @ EM
26th: Yarraville Farmers Market
27th: Peninsula Pet Expo
27th: Polly's Adventure to the Beach
30th: Kilbreda Catholic Secondary College

New Residents

4 1 2

Chicken: Amandine and 15 Broiler Chickens
Ducks: Magic

For more pictures please click here

Picture of the Month!

This month's picture is of Polly and her friends on the beach :)

Email Kyle a funny caption for the image above for your chance to win a 2012 Edgar's Mission Calendar!

Winner announced in December Trottings

Competition Winners

Congratulations to Mel who wins a 2012 Edgar's Mission Calendar!

Mel entered the caption `Percy, "I'm the king of the castle and you're the dirty rascal haha!" Rosie, "Bah! I wish he'd shut up I'm trying to count sheep"` Congratulations also to Lulu who wins a runner up prize for 'Rosie "I wonder why my new alarm doesn't work-I thought having a rooster would get me up in the mornings for sure :P"' and Samantha for 'I'm NOT Father Christmas, I'm just checking for holes!! Besides you don't have a chimney.'

Out and about in December

Friday 2nd
Seymour Summer Carnival
Staion Street,
Anzac Avenue and Emily Street,
4pm - 8pm

Saturday 3rd
Kilmore Show
Kilmore Racetrack,
East Street,
10am - 4pm

Sunday 4th
Castlemaine Farmers Market
9am - 1pm

Saturday 10th
Carols by Barnlight
Edgar's Mission, 365 McHargs Rd,
4pm - 8pm

Sunday 11th
Nunnawading Twilight Market
Outside Whitehorse Civic Centre,
379 Whitehorse Rd
3pm - 7pm

Saturday 17th
Dianella Nursing Home

Volunteering at EM

Volunteer Days for December - mark in your diary!

December has a few extra volunteer days to help with Carol's by Barnlight. If you would like to volunteer on the day please email Tash

Sunday December 4th
Friday December 9th
Saturday December 10th -Carols
Saturday December 17th

Please contact Kyle for more information.

Christmas Recipes

Hamish says "Pigs are for lovin' not the oven" and has prepared two delicious Christmas Recipes for a Ham-Free Christmas. Why not start with an amazing Nut Roast and end with a creamy Trifle! To download the recipes simply click here

From Everyone here at Edgar's Mission - wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas

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Workplace Giving
Our DGR status also now means that supporters can now make donations as a salary sacrifice to Edgar's Mission. Please see the ATO's web page for more information about how this works.

As always, our sincerest thanks to all of our wonderful supporters. We simply could not do any of what we do without your ongoing help and generosity.