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September Trottings

Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary's Monthly E-Newsletter
Friday 30th September 2011
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Just like us

In chicken years Wee-Man is about eighty, Tony Blair Turkey would be pushing 100, so when next you visit Edgar's Mission please do not be alarmed at the sight of Wee-Man and his somewhat blood encrusted comb. The scabs, you will see, he proudly wears as medals, puffing out his chest as he crows, "You should see the other guy" as he staggers off into the sunset on his wobbly, little, John Wayne legs. Bandy, not only with age but the accommodation of his lengthy spurs - they continually grow for the life of the rooster. In fact the sight of Weeman as he hops away is not unlike something from an old time Western movie, Wee Man's drooped wings giving the appearance of the gunslinger about to draw his weapons. And in Tony Blair, Wee-Man has found a formidable sparring partner. Until recently both had been succumbing to age as we began to fear the end was nigh for our feathered friends. But the regular spats between the two has seen them both take on a new lease of life. The sight of the dignified old fellows going head to head, or rather spur to comb, reminds one of two aging war veterans going hell for leather after the 'March' and one too many beers. Rarely scoring a hit, regularly taking tumbles, rising gingerly and dusting themselves off, and so as not to lose face, both in unison calling a truce allowing the other to retreat, dignity and rank restored.

My yoga teacher tells us that each day we should find something to smile about, Wee Man and Tony so often fit this order. But it is not just their melodramatic spats that make me smile. Wee Man, as he gallantly drops a wing, tilts his body and does his little Matador dance while he serenades his ladies, is cause to smile, as is Tony and his magnificent flamenco number, resplendent with his amazing fan of proud feathers, he turns more like a graceful hovercraft than an aging bird. Both Wee Man and Tony, caste offs of our society and so much more than a meal, hit the bone of empathy. It is in our capacity to connect with these creatures and understand their situation that we will awaken our greatness, the bounty to be shared by all.

I do not believe it is anthropomorphic to describe these creatures in 'human' terms but humanocentric not too. With an established biological continuity acknowledged between humans and non-humans it is illogical to suggest there is no emotional one as well. To do so not only demeans us but harms them and justifies much cruelty and violence. And maybe, just maybe, if violence against animals is stopped the continuity will flow to our own species and as we heal our relationship with the animal kingdom we will find the peace on earth we can only dream about.

Wee Man and Tony in their regular exhibitions of bravado show us that they are not that different from us. The live, the love, they grow old (given the chance), they have friends and foes, likes and dislikes, just like us. All with an intellect, emotion and societal need that drives them, and just like us they too need something to live for, even if it is a close encounter with the business end of a testosterone driven spur! Happy World Animal Day!!

Pam Ahern
Pam Ahern
Founder & Director



World Animal Day!

World Animal Day at Edgar's Mission - this Sunday October 2nd!!

World Animal Day 2011 is fast approaching on October 4th. This international celebration gives animal lovers around the globe the chance to do something special to show they care. Organise a library display, volunteer at your local animal shelter or fundraise for your favourite animal charity, with so many fun and easy things to do there is no excuse not to be involved. For more ideas click here

"As the proud Australian Ambassador for World Animal Day, I am once again delighted to be hosting our very special World Animal Day event here at Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary THIS SUNDAY, October 2nd" said Pam Ahern, founder of Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary.

World Animal Day is shaping up to be extra special this year at Edgar's Mission. Included in our star studded line up is world renowned and New York Times bestselling author Jeffrey Masson, Virginie Bernhard international horse trainer and communicator, Melbourne's own vegan strength crew with be showing the real power of kindness and Mark Doneddu, president of Vegetarian Victoria with be delivering a presentation of the power of your plate. Not to mention farm tours, delicious cruelty free fare, an animal friendly trade village along with fun and games and our very own cow pat throwing contest!! Mark your diary now and don't forget to join our Walk for the Animals!!

For more info and the Walk for the Animals form please click here

Please click here for the Facebook event.

Be Kind To Animals Week

The count down is on!

Only 1 more sleep until the start of Be Kind To Animals Week!!

The kindness of one person can make a world of difference in the lives of another. Be Kind To Animals Week gives us a chance to take a step back from our busy lives and think about those that ask nothing of us. During the first week of October (1-7th) we ask you to do something to celebrate your concern for animals worldwide! This could be something as easy as taking your dog for a walk, visiting a nursing home or picking up litter on the beach. You can find other ideas or search for an event near you on our website

Like to be more involved? Why not hold your own event? You can register on our website or email us

Stay in touch with us all year round ‘like’ us here and follow us on Twitter @BKTAW

Be Kind To Animals Week, is a proud initiative of Edgar's Mission

Be Kind to Animals Week Launch at Kindness House TONIGHT!

Edgar's Mission proudly presents New York Times Best Selling Author, Jeffrey Masson at the launch of Be Kind To Animals Week 2011!

The event will be held at Kindness House - 288 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, at 7pm tonight.

There will be free nibbles and a film screening of 'The Emotional World of Farm Animals'.

Jeffrey Masson is the author of "The Pig Who Sang to The Moon", "When Elephants Weep", "The Face on Your Plate" and many more. Jeffrey will be doing book signing at the event. Books will.

Please join our Facebook event.

New Residents and Around the Farm Pics


Edgar's Mission welcomes Rambo to the family.

Who could not fall in love with this aging gentleman! Rambo, at six years of age became the victim of a marriage breakup with no place to go. For the strapping ram whose only sighting of a sheep had been many years ago when he was born, his first encounter was very interesting. And Rosie the sheep certainly light up his eyes. Dear Rambo, who loves watermelon and wheetbix has settled in really well and recovered quickly from his surgery, it will not be long before he takes up residents with his flock of new found buddies, but till then he will have to make do with Polly and Rumplestiltskin.

Fore more pics of Rambo and Around the Farm September please click here

Video of the month!

The Hume Leader recently did a story on Hip-Hop Bob and Polly Piglet to see who really is the smartest pig :)

to find out for yourself click on the image of Hip-Hop taking herself for a walk, or click here!

Action of the Month!

It seems timely to report in a month that hosts so many important days for animals (World Animal Day, World Farm Animal Day, St Francis Assisi Day, birthday of Mahatma Ghandi, Be Kind To Animals Week, Vegetarian Week, World Vegan, and the list goes on) that much is indeed happening on the animal front with animal issues more and more being seen as a mainstream and legitimate cause. The loophole to close ritual slaughter without stunning is tightening and the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) is wielding its formidable clout against ambiguous claims by poultry producers. To keep this matter high on the agenda of our decision makers please make it your personal mission to write a letter on behalf of millions of animals who will never know the touch of human kindness.

Here are some ideas;
Write a letter on behalf of chickens. Ignorance is more than bliss, it is downright cruel if you are a farm animal, especially a chicken. Many people are not aware that when it comes to chickens, as with all farm animals, your worth is determined by your use, not your capacity to suffer. For most laying hens, otherwise known as battery hens, their life will be spent in a wire cage with little room to move about (each chicken having about the same size as an A4 sheet of paper) and no means to satisfy their natural behaviours. Chickens love to lay their eggs in a nest and given the chance will go to great lengths to do so. These hapless creatures bodies are worn out at before they reach their second birthday and are sent to slaughter, male chicks have no use as they grow too slowly to be a meat chicken and are slaughtered shortly after hatching. Meat chickens have been deliberately bred to grow at three times their normal rate so much so that by the time they have reached their 'slaughter' weight, at roughly 6-7 weeks of age, many are crippled and unable to stand or move freely about under their grossly abnormal bodies.

And remember if you see a positive or happy animal story in the paper, write a letter to the editor thanking them for it. This will encourage them to cover similar stories as well as letting them know that their readers care about animals.

September at a Glance

3rd: Bundoora Farmers Market
9th: Croydon West Primary School
Mt Eliza Secondary Collage
16th: Charles Sturt University @ EM
18th: Oscar's Law Rally
19th: Wallan Playgroup @ EM
21st: Balwyn High School
Willowmeade Family Fun Day

Animal Activist Forum

Want to be better informed, learn how to become an animal activist or meet like minded people. We can think of no better chance than the 2011 Animal Activist Forum. The forum will be held on October 22-23 at The Abbotsford Convent. For more details and to register please click here

Picture of the Month!

Email Kyle a funny caption for the image above for your chance to win a 2012 Edgar's Mission Calendar! Spider-Pig looooves her WheatBix!

Winner announced in September Trottings

Competition Winners

Congratulations to Kaye for the caption "I love the Bee Gees, don't you. Hah hah hah hah stayin' alive stayin' alive,hah hah hah hah stayin aliiiiiiivve.."

Melbourne Marathon

Thank you to Richard Porter who is raising funds for Edgar's Mission by running the Melbourne Marathon! If you would like to support Richard please click here.

Out and about in October

Sunday 2nd
World Animal Day @ Edgar's Mission

Be Kind To Animal's Week Kindness Tour:
3rd Catani Gardens, St Kilda, 11-1
4th Geelong, Malop Street and the waterfront adjacent the carousel, 10-12
4th Ballarat Mall, 2-3
5th Bendigo Mall, 11-1
5th Trinity College Animal Blessing, 5.30
6th Shepparton Mall, 11-2

Saturday 8th
Caroline Springs Cruelty Free Expo
C.S. Square Shopping Centre,
13-19 Lake Street, Caroline Springs

Sunday 9th
Pets Day Out Frankston
Ballam Park, Cranbourne Road, Frankston

Ringwood Spring Festival
Ringwood Lake,
168 Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood

Saturday 15th
Taste of Goulbourn
Seymour Railway Station, Seymour

Saturday 22nd
Briar Hill Spring Fair
23 Gladstone Rd, Briar Hill

Sunday 23rd
Paws in the Park Gisborne
12 Robertson Street, Gisborne

Monday 24th
Women of Letters Book Launch
Bella Union, Level 1, Trades Hall
Cnr Lygon & Victoria St
RSVP essential!

Wednesday 26th
Hobsons Bay Children's Week Picnic
Commonwealth Reserve
Nelson Place, Williamstown

Sunday 30th
Ballarat Spring Festival
Lake Wendouree, Ballarat

Volunteering at EM

Volunteer Days for October - mark in your diary!

Saturday October 1st
Sunday October 9
Saturday October 22

Please contact Kyle for more information.

Donating to Edgar's Mission

We are tax-deductible!
As of recently, Edgar's Mission became a registered DGR (Charity). This means that any donation over $2 is now tax deductible.

You can donate as a once-off or a regular donation via secure payment site, Our Community (just click the big red button above). If you are not comfortable donating via the web, or do not have a credit card, you can also download the donation form & send by post.

Workplace Giving
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As always, our sincerest thanks to all of our wonderful supporters. We simply could not do any of what we do without your ongoing help and generosity.