Adoption Form

Thank you for your interest in adopting an animal from Edgar’s Mission. Please note, as it is our duty to these animals to ensure their ongoing welfare, our application for adoption procedure is a three stage process, consisting of submission of the Prospective Adoption Form below, followed by a telephone interview and then a site inspection or, for poultry, photographs of the intended living environment. Upon submission of the Prospective Adoption Form below, we will contact you if a suitable animal arrives. If you are having trouble with the below form please email [email protected]

Edgar’s Mission adopts only to people who can provide a forever home, not to those offering short term or foster care or those intending to rehome the animal themselves.

Please note we are not able to adopt animals to schools, child care facilities, aged care facilities or community groups.

Please note: currently we do not have any chickens available for adoption.


First Name

Last Name

Email address

Street Address




Best Contact Number

Is this where the animals will live? If not where would they be and tell us about who would be tending them.

Are you prepared to keep and care for the animals for the term of their natural life, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse?

How often will you check the animals?

Do you own the property where the animals will live? If you are currently renting please provide written permission from the landlord for the housing of the species of animal you are seeking to adopt.

In the event you left your current address would the animals be taken with you?

Species of animals and number you are interested in adopting?(Please note we currently do not have any rescued hens available for adoption and have an extensive waiting list - please do not apply at this point in time, thank you.)

Are you prepared and ready to accept the animals now? If not when?

Do you currently have any farm/domestic animals living with you? If yes please tell us about them, including your reason for having them i.e. rescue/companion animal, weed abatement, food/fibre production, other...

If you do not currently have any farm animals, please list any experience you’ve had with farm animals?

Please describe the housing arrangements you will be able to provide for them?

Please describe your fencing, pasture and land size available for them?

Can you tell us about your veterinarian, who they are? Distance from you? Do they treat farm animals?

Will you be able to provide physically and financially should the need for a veterinarian arise?

Do you intend to tether the animal at any time?

May we reserve the right to inspect the animals?

Please provide the names and contact details of two referees not related to you?

If you intend to adopt farm animals other than poultry, you will need a valid and current PIC number. Please note, it is a legal requirement for anyone who houses pigs, goats, cattle, sheep, horses, deer or camelids (alpacas, llamas or camels) on their property to have a valid Property Identification Code. We will not rehome in instances where the codes cannot be supplied. There is no cost to apply for a code.
Please state it here.
Don’t have one? You can apply for one here

Can you please tell us why you would like to adopt an animal from Edgar’s Mission?

The costs of rescuing, rehoming, providing rehabilitation, everyday care and veterinary treatment for our animal residents are very real, and ever-growing. We also receive numerous enquiries from those who are simply after a ‘free’ animal. For these reasons, we do request a donation is made to ensure our life saving and life changing work for animals can continue. Please state the amount you are able to donate to our Animal Rescue Fund.

Have you checked with your local council that you are legally able to keep above animal(s) on your property?

Do you understand and undertake that these animals are never to be killed (unless humane euthanasia is necessary) or bred from or with?

Do you understand and undertake that the animal/s will not be bred from or with, given away, sold or slaughtered?

Do you understand and undertake that the animal/s will not be used for experimentation purposes?

Briefly describe your emergency plan that would take in any animals including those you intend to adopt:

Have you ever been found guilty of any animal welfare or care related offence?