All Mother’s Day

Make this Mother’s Day a day for all mothers

This Mother’s Day, children all around Australia will endearingly mess up the kitchen and proudly present their mums with breakfast in bed. But the sad reality is, the food on so many of these plates will have harmed countless other mothers and their babies. For bacon, eggs, sausages and butter, mothers suffer, many watching on helplessly as their babies are taken away.

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Meet our Stars

Carol, Cookie, Candy and Kris Kringle
As the festive season sped towards its climax, a pregnant sow gave birth to seven little piglets. The cold and barren pound yard wasn’t the extravagant nest her kind build if given the chance, and sadly four didn’t make it through the night. Scared yet gentle, Carol followed the crate of her surviving babies and once they’d journeyed to their new straw-filled abode, her calls and joy at being reunited with her piglets ensured there wasn’t a dry eye around. We can’t know what made Carol run from her previous life, but Carol, Cookie, Candy and Kris Kringle have found sanctuary here together.
Clarabelle and Valentine
Clarabelle arrived at Edgar’s Mission already carrying a calf in her bulging belly. During her time on a dairy farm, each of her babies had been taken from her shortly after birth so her milk could be harvested for human consumption. When Clarabelle gave birth to her precious baby at Edgar’s Mission, she hid her out of sight, and to this day Clarabelle can be seen grooming the almost fully grown Valentine. Here Clarabelle got to know and live the purest form of love, that which bonds mother and baby. And no one will ever take her baby away again.
Dawn, Hairy and Maclary
When Dawn came into our care she was weak and unable to stand. We learnt that she had recently given birth to twins, so in an ambitious bid to give Dawn a reason to live we sought the release of her baby girls. Very few things in life can break the bond between mother and child, and this instance was no different. As soon as Dawn heard the bleats of her babies she pricked her ears and turned her head in their direction as they raced towards their mother. Having her babies back by her side, Dawn perked a little, but it was to be short lived. Although she left her twins behind she gave them the greatest gift; the chance of a happy, long life.
Dixie Belle and Willmington
Discovered lying in a paddock in the midst of an inhospitable winter downpour, the underweight and recently shorn Dixie Belle was unable to move. Not long before she had given birth to her baby – sadly the lamb nowhere to be found. Slowly Dixie Belle found her strength, but there was something missing we could never replace. Then, the very next day, a tiny lamb was surrendered into our care in desperate need of the life-giving colostrum found in new mother’s milk. It’s not common for ewes to accept another lamb, but Dixie Bell did just that.
Missy Higgins and Mariah Carey
A plucky little hen and her cohort of chicks were rescued from a cock fighting breeder, one of those chicks was Missy. Edgar’s Mission has a strict no-breeding policy, but Missy seemed determined to break this rule and hid her eggs under the barn. Mother hens are fiercely protective of their chicks, calling them to come back to the safety of their wings under threat of predator and even the rain. And on this Missy Higgins never strayed from the rule, she was a doting mother to Mariah Carey and her siblings.
Antoinette and Chrissie
A pair of Boer goats, who would come to be known as Antoinette and Casanova, somehow made a break for freedom and were discovered wandering at large. In Australia, Boer goats are bred for meat consumption. Once at Edgar’s Mission, it soon became clear that Antoinette was carrying a little secret. She gave birth to her beautiful baby girl in the safe haven of sanctuary, a place where they will never be separated or valued for what their bodies can produce, but instead brings the promise of rich, long lives. This is the greatest gift any mother could receive.

Animals are the best ambassadors for their kind, help us give them the stage to speak up for those who are less fortunate than themselves by donating to our All Mother’s Day campaign. Thank you.