1008 Hens

Rescue Date

8th October 2013


Operation Red Hen

Whilst we do not know what hand of fate caused the free-range egg farmer to throw a lifeline to his remaining hens before he exited the industry, we remain greatly appreciative of the kind hearted soul who alerted Edgar’s Mission to their plight late one Monday evening. Over 6,000 gentle hyline laying hens had already been sent to slaughter, and we had a window of opportunity to save the remaining girls, but there was a catch.  We had to do so before lunchtime the following day otherwise the truck who was slated to ferry the remaining hens to the slaughterhouse would return to complete its mission.

And so, operation red hen swung into top gear and in the wee hours of Tuesday the 8th of October 2013, our convoy of kindness set forth, ever determined to leave no hen behind.  One by frightened one the hens were carried into our straw lined vehicles, some of the weaker hens placed into veterinary cages for immediate treatment.  Many hens were bedraggled and underweight from the life that had befallen them but each and every one was a beautiful individual, worthy of the opportunity to have a future, although some were none to appreciative of our efforts, like Miss Pecky who insisted of clucking her disapproval and pecking at our kind hands.  But today she now lives in a different world, one filled with kindness, watermelons and delicious grains, of paddocks to explore and neat places to find to make a nest and one filled with hope.  It is now our great hope that you too will share our belief that all animals should be entitled to world where they are valued for who they are, rather than for what they can produce. We at Edgar’s Mission have just witnessed 1,008 reasons why this should be so.