26 Chicks

Rescue Date

15th April 2014


“Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.” -Ted Rubin

Thankfully for 26 tiny chicks, someone DID see the box they had been thoughtlessly abandoned in at the Victoria Market recently.  Crammed into a box with just one air hole, it is a miracle they survived, let alone were found. However, sadly some of the wee ones in the box had already perished prior to their rescue.   Whilst we are not sure by what circumstance the young chicks were abandoned, it is evident that a human was involved.  How tragic it is that new life is brought into this world simply to be abandoned and left to face an uncertain and bleak future.

As we watch the 26 curious, inquisitive and character-filled little souls busily exploring their world, never standing still for more than just a moment, we cannot help but wonder how on earth mankind can continue to wrong these creatures, to simply discard and disregard them; deeming them ‘worthless’. Already, after knowing them for less than 24 hours, unique personalities are beginning to emerge. There are the brave and the bold, the shy and wary and the downright cheeky, who will jump on your feet and take a ride on your shoelaces, all in the name of fun.

Time and again, animals will remain the truest test of our humanity. How we treat them, how we think about them and how we value them, for the individuals they are rather than for what we believe they are ‘worth’, all tell the world so much about who we are as individuals.