Daniel Boone, Amelia Earhart and Jessica Watson

Rescue Date

27th October 2013


The Final Frontier

It is to the bravery of some of history’s intrepid explorers that we in today’s modern world owe our freedom and luxuries. If not for the courage of early pioneers, we may not know the lands upon which we live or the comfort that doing so provides us. If it weren’t for the fearlessness of our very first aviators, we may not know the convenience of air travel today; jetsetting  a seemingly impossible dream. And without our modern day explorers, inspiring us and showing that dreams really can come true, many in this world may live without realising all we are capable of.

And it is to bravery and courage that three of our most recent arrivals owe their lives. Our intrepid goat trio of Daniel Boone, Amelia Earhart and Jessica Watson were found recently navigating through treacherous terrain- not unknown lands or a wild sea, but a semi-urban backyard, close to roads and public thoroughfares with unsuitable fencing to contain three gallant goats. Evading capture from the local rangers, a date had been set with a shot gun to bring the trio to their ultimate end. However, with wars and weaponry following mankind’s journey throughout history, the property owner wondered if a kinder approach was possible. With this thought in mind, the call to Edgar’s Mission was made.

Through the able assistance of our friend Manfred from Five Freedoms Animal Rescue, the trio’s expedition was brought to a temporary halt as they made their way to Edgar’s Mission. And here their adventures will continue, the expanse of Goatville and their specially constructed jungle gym, their final frontier forevermore.