Alan Marshall

Rescue Date

6 July 2012


I can jump puddles

The last thing we wanted to do late Friday night after an exhausting week having undertaken Australia’s largest rescue of farmed animals was to not heed the deafening call of sleep but to hit the road yet again.  But it was a tiny lamb in need.  It transpired that a Good Samaritan had come upon on hapless newborn lamb by the side of the road, no sheep or farm  in sight.  Reaching out to a creature in need, the tiny bundle of life was quickly ferried to an outer Melbourne Veterinary Clinic where the call was made to Edgar’s Mission.

Our hearts sank when we saw the pitiful fellow.  Unable to stand on horrifically crippled legs and unable to see through pus encrusted eyes, his chances of survival were few.  As determined as he was to live we were determined to assist.  If lambs are not well nourished they will quickly dehydrate and in severe cases this will cause the eyes to sink.  Such had happened to dear Alan resulting in a condition called entropian where the eyelids turn in upon themselves causing the lashes to scratch the surface of the lens.  Despite being only hours old, ulcers and infection had already taken hold.

Eyes bathed with a mild saline solution, cream administered and massaging commenced, the first of Alan’s ails were being addressed.  Regular physiotherapy went up against a set of front legs hell bent on defying nature and only time would tell who the victor would be.

Thankfully our efforts have been rewarded and each day has seen Alan grow stronger and stronger.  His love of life is not lost on any who chance to meet this precocious and effervescent young lamb and a reminder that no matter how fearful the odds may seem there is always reasons for hope and the need to jump puddles!