Rescue Date

23rd February 2016


Fifi the lamb

Now, while you may wonder why a name more synonymous with a fluffy white poodle is the name for a tiny little cream and white lamb, our wonder is just why anyone could wish to harm her. You see, Fifi is a Damara cross lamb. Damaras, a self-shedding fleeced breed relatively new to Australia and a breed renowned for its carcass quality, sees them favoured for meat production and the live export market. Yet Fifi knows none of those things. What she does know is that she misses her mum (whose life, sadly, was taken when she became tangled in a fence, leaving the wee lamb an orphan) and she yearns for company and her bottle. Both of those things we can provide in ample quantity.

With a zest for life only a lamb can muster, Fifi has become an instant hit with all the crew here at Edgar’s Mission, both human and non-human. Her innocent curiosity sees her wander up to the largest of animals as well as the smallest and ask, “Will you be my friend?” Whilst we have no doubt their answer is a resounding “Yes!”, what will be yours?