Anna Pavlova

Rescue Date

15th January 2014


Dances With Chickens

“She does not dance; she soars as though on wings.” That is what enchanted audiences the world over thought of Anna Pavlova, Russian Prima Ballerina. Said to have once struggled during her former years of training due to her severely arched feet, thin ankles and long limbs, Anna Pavlova did not allow this disadvantage to get in the way of her dream and went on to become arguably one of the most celebrated dancers of her time. It is by no accident then, that we have christened our latest arrival Anna Pavlova, for we know in our heart of hearts that beneath her somewhat dishevelled exterior lies a graceful and breathtaking hen. Already beyond beautiful in our eyes, Anna currently struggles to move about freely, courtesy of grossly overgrown nails, evidence that she has been unable to scratch in the soil for some time, if at all. Moreover, the ground beneath Anna’s feet appears to be foreign to her as she takes hesitant steps around her new garden home, clenching a foot as she slowly raises it toward her body before tentatively placing it back down again in front of her. Surrendered into our care, it is likely that Anna’s past has been one of horror and despair. Bearing all of the marks of a battery hen, one can only imagine how terrifying Anna’s life would once have been in a cramped wire cage, never seeing sunshine, never breathing in fresh clean air, never spreading her wings and being valued not for who she was, but for what she could produce. The sad reality is; caged eggs and the practises that are used to produce them only continue to exist because hens like Anna remain invisible to the world. The truth is, the majority of our society will never see a hen, let alone see one living life as she should, they will never bear witness to the way a hen’s eyes light up when she sees her favourite human, they will never see her come running as fast as her legs will carry her when her name is called and they will never be able to appreciate the immense joy a dear, gentle hen takes in simply being.

But it does not have to be this way. Our Anna Pavlova and all of the imitable, inquisitive and intelligent hens with whom we share this earth truly do have the power to change our world and it is up to us to ensure they remain invisible no more. It is time for these beautiful creatures to take centre stage. It is time for them to captivate the audience who do not yet know them and to dance into their hearts. It is time for them to spread their wings. Our dear Anna Pavlova, it is time for you to soar.

Footnote to this story- While not all may have previously heard of Anna Pavlova the ballerina, you would be hard pressed to find a person who had not heard of (or tasted) the meringue- based dessert of the same name. And while Australia and New Zealand famously battle it out to claim the pavlova as their own, it is a widely accepted fact that this dish was indeed named after the dancer, Anna Pavlova. However, after considering the information above, you, like us, may begin wondering whether this eggy dish really is all it’s cracked up to be. If you too share our dream of a kind and just world for dear hens like our Anna and of course for all of the precious male chicks who never see beyond their first day of life, then why not give this egg- free, cruelty free recipe for ‘Mini Pav Kisses’ a try: