Rescue Date

20th August 2015


Glissade Assemblé and Arabesque

Ballet is an art form that celebrates the movement and beauty of the human body. Gifted, dedicated and mesmerising best describe its performers. Ballet as an art form sees softness and strength woven together with stories that are as magical and exciting as they are thought-provoking, inspiring and dark. And we can think of no better name than Arabesque for our sweet new lamb, graceful and soft, yet whose tale is dark and haunting. A celebration of all the beauty of lambkind.

Arabesque sprang forth from the most inhospitable of conditions, at an abattoir that claimed the life of her sweet mother. Out of the darkness of the tragedy a little lamb cried, touching the heart of the only human there who could save her. A chain of events saw sweet Arabesque passed on to the hands of a heart equally as pure as her own. But sadly circumstance meant this would only be a short Act One of her life, as a busy work schedule meant little Arabesque would not receive the round the clock care this kind heart knew she so desperately needed.

Cradling little Arabesque in our arms for the first time we were yet again reminded of the sweet smell of newborn lambs, their sheer beauty and grace.