Rescue Date

9th February 2009


Some stories change your life, some events change your life, but a single act of kindness can save a life. On Saturday, February 7th 2009 a single event changed and sadly took the lives of many Victorians. We now know it as Black Saturday and it will long live in and haunt the memory of thousands. Out of the ashes of despair acts of kindness flourished with stories of incredible tales of survival stoking human spirit and offering hope for a new and better tomorrow.

One such tale is that of Bambi. Orphaned by the unforgiving fire that razed Kinglake, a tiny fawn emerged from the blackened forest. Dazed, scared and suffering smoke inhalation and dehydration the little fallow deer wandered the roadside. Placing their own loss and heartache aside it was the Kinglake residents who rescued Bambi and took him to the RSPCA for emergency care.

Just weeks old Bambi already encapsulated the Australian spirit and refused to give up. Nine days on a drip and he was ready to face the challenge of learning to live without his guiding mother. A sad fact of life for most deer is that there is no utopian forest for them to roam with Thumper and friends. For them a single word holds their fate – venison.

Bambi has now joined us at Edgar’s Mission where he will spend the rest of his days. With new found buddies he can frolic in the sun and shelter from the storms with never a threat of a hunter to take his sunshine away.