Arrival Date

25th November 2012


Cry me a river

Dear little Benjamin lost his mum not once but sadly, twice. The fate of the little lamb that was to be named Benjamin was looking bleak until a kind hearted lady took him in and lovingly nursed him back to good health and vigour. So close was their bond that little Benjamin spent many a night tucked up in bed with his new mummy and when she was not around Benjamin had Teddy, his cuddly bear friend. But life is not always fair and a marital parting caused a major change in the circumstances of the young lamb’s second mum. Struggling for a good outcome for her beloved woolly friend, Benjamin’s caregiver made many a frantic call with no joy found until the number of Edgar’s Mission was keyed in. A rescue team was quickly despatched and it was not long before Benjamin was Edgar’s Mission bound. The kind hearted lady with tears in her eyes and pain in her heart bid farewell to her friend knowing it was best outcome she could achieve with her now limited means.

Like a little child lost, Benjamin walked from corner to corner in his new yard crying out for his beloved mummy. No sheepy friends could calm him nor would wheetbix entice him as Benjamin came to terms with his new life. As the days roll on Benjamin is finding a new world and is making new friends. While we know we can never replace his first two mummies, his bouts of uncertainty are waning and his trust is ever growing. But not everything about his new home is brand new to him. A familiar old friend of Benjamin’s too made the journey to Edgar’s Mission. And now, at days end, you can see Benjamin steel away to his stable and into the comforting embrace of his old friend, Teddy the bear. To see animals show such raw emotion as we would do in similar circumstances is really enough to make one cry river of sorrow.