Berni – a Precious One

Rescue Date

3rd September 2012


In a week where we learned that in our very own country, 15 million lambs die within 48 hours of birth (The Australian) one little lamb got lucky. Her name is Berni and here is her story.

Berni was only days old when she was trucked off to a saleyard along with her mother. On wonky little legs, she would have gallantly tried to keep up with her mum, but terrified sheep darting this way and that, loud voices and barking dogs, caused a cacophony of commotion that somehow saw Berni separated from her mother. Once at the saleyard the bewildered little lamb would have determinedly baaed out for the mother she would never see again. Driven by the need for security and a building need for nourishment Berni would have feebly tried in vain to navigate her way back to her mother. Unsuccessful in her attempts, Berni was placed in a pen of much older weaned lambs awaiting sale for fattening then slaughter.

Dwarfed by the more confident sheep around her, Berni’s distressed baas, while ever resolute, were beginning to wane as was she. Knocked from pillar to post, Berni’s short sad life and painful death would have almost gone unnoticed if not for the courage and determination of two compassionate souls who happened to be in that wrong place at the right time. With Berni’s plight taken to saleyard officials, she was thrown her ‘Get Out of Jail’ card. Exhausted and by now showing signs of dehydration, Berni fell asleep in the lap of her rescuer as she was Edgar’s Mission bound.

Today little Berni has already undergone a medical procedure to correct her entropion, caused by the debilitating dehydration  she had succumbed to. Proving her will to survive was inversely proportionate to her size, little Berni is really coming along in literal leaps and bounds. Having made friends with The Andrew Sisters, Boots and Humbug, life is now good for Berni.

But what of the 15 million who never made it thus far? Their plight has galvanized us into action with the promise to tell their story and to keep telling it until people realise that dead lambs mean more than ‘lost income’. For each and every one is a Precious One lost.