Arrival Date

11th August 2012


His mother was a teddy bear and his father was a Mexican jumping bean. Don’t believe us? Well you have never met Boots then!! This feisty little fellow whose cuteness can be seen from the moon is guaranteed to bring a smile to the steeliest face. Found walkin’ by the side of the road near Mildura the tiny little Boer cross kid goat decided messin’ with cars was not a good idea. Assisted by the good folk from Victorian Dog Rescue, Boots literally hitchhiked his way to Edgar’s Mission. Determined to start a changin’ people’s attitudes towards farmed animals Boots will not need a set of matches to spark that flame of compassion that lurks within us all. Just one meeting ought to do the trick, after all the truthin’ is, animals are emotional intelligent feeling beings regardless of the label we put on them and just like Boots all need our compassion, kindness and someone to walk all over.

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