Boris Yeltsin

Rescue Date

26th April 2013


I Have Something to Say – Meet Boris Yeltsin

While his namesake was the first freely elected president in Russian history, Boris Yeltsin the duck was, like many male ducks, not so freely accepted into the home of his human caregivers. Male ducks can be difficult to house and when they lose their cute and fluffy duckling features, many a drake finds himself homeless with a future that looks bleak. Boris at least wound up at a local animal shelter who put a call out to Edgar’s Mission for a home. The Russian Boris Yeltsin was known for his ‘not backward in coming forward’ approach to life and so too is our Boris- he also has something important to say.  Quacking, or rather hissing as the Muscovy breed of duck is known to do, his message is simple, ‘Animals too are living beings who are worthy of our kindness.’ And let’s hope his is a message that we all freely elect to take on board.