Bridget Bardot

Rescue Date

26th April 2014


Hang in there girl.

Hailing from a property south of Edgar’s Mission, a young ewe and her flock narrowly escaped death when the Mickleham firestorm engulfed the area earlier this year. Still bearing the hallmarks of this ordeal; singed whiskers and blackened fleece, today she faced another life or death crisis. A hideously broken back leg flapped in the breeze as she hobbled across the paddock. While the farmer raced for his gun his wife pleaded for a second chance.

When our eyes saw the stricken ewe, her injured and mangled leg flopping how a leg never should do, our hearts sank but her bright and kind eyes said she wasn’t ready to go yet. As we bundled her gently into the back of our rescue ambulance ready to make the mercy dash to the vet we were given one more incentive to help the dear sheep pull through as we heard the words “I think she is in lamb too”…

‘Hang in there girl, hang in there’ we cooed as we left our new friend in the hands of our dedicated vet. This dear sheep we have christened Bridget, and yes just like her namesake Bridget (Bardot) she is beautiful!

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