Bubbles & Babe

Rescue Date

19th August 2009


I can see clearly now…

In the Shakespearian tragedy, “King Lear” the blind Duke of Gloucester stood on the heath and when Lear’s son-in-law asked how he saw the world he replied “I see the world feelingly”.

On 19th of August 2009 two tiny, five week premature little, white lambs arrived at Edgar’s Mission, blind from birth. Although possessed with what we would consider a major disability, Bubbles and Babe see themselves as nothing other than two normal little lambs who just want to get ahead in life.

Bubbles is so named for all the frothy bubbles she creates upon feeding and Babe, well she is just one sweet little babe and the stronger of the two. With a birth weight of just a couple of kilo’s between them it is a miracle they have even made it this far. The lively two spend their evenings in a pet carrier by the fire and their day time is spent in either a square enclosure or hanging out with the bunnies, if the weather is inclement.

Each day sees them growing stronger and gaining weight as we madly chase them about the kitchen each morning to put their little jackets on. They would have to be two of the cuddliest lambs we have ever come across and already they have instructed us that they must be cuddled for at least ten minutes after feeding. To watch them both, heads held high and outstretched, eyes closed, engulfed in blissful oblivion is a true slice of heaven.

Will they ever be able to see? The simple answer is we don’t know. We feel it may be some neurological condition linked to their premature birth from which they may or may not recover. That their mother rejected them at birth is not indicative of a poor mother rather mother nature’s knowledge that these little two darlings would never be able to cope in a ‘normal’ sheep’s world, after all how was she to know about Edgar’s Mission.

As we write we look out the window to catch a glimpse of two dear little blind baby lambs gambolling in a rare moment of sunshine….and seeing the world feelingly.