Rescue Date

13th August 2013


August 13th 2013

Only hours ago the call came in- a calf had been sighted lying perilously close to traffic on the side of the highway. Reports told us the calf was unable to stand and was barely able to lift its head. Swinging in to action, our first hint of trouble came in the sight of flashing police lights and fast moving traffic, both of which caused our hearts to sink.  Pulling our rescue vehicle to the curb, we caught our first glimpse of the bloodied and pitiful looking ‘Buddy’ who was caught not between a rock and a hard place but between a steep embankment and busy major highway. One bystander reported the calf had sustained two untreatable broken legs, however the full extent of his injuries was still unknown, although it was evident Buddy had fallen from a fast moving stock crate. Buddy was also much larger than we had anticipated. And if we needed any more to dampen our spirits, it soon came in the words, ‘The guy with a rifle is on the way.’   But we heard no fat lady singing and nor did Buddy, the fact that he had miraculously clung to life this long told us he wasn’t giving up without a fight. And neither would we. Pleading for a chance to save a life, the greatest lifeline Buddy could ever receive was thrown as our wish was granted.

What followed will make your heart sing….

August 14th 2013

It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all….

That Buddy knew more love in the last 24 hours than most steers will ever know in a lifetime is something we are sorely reflecting on right now in the wake of one of our saddest moments here at Edgar’s Mission.  Just over 24 hours ago, our hearts were filled with hope as the brave steer who we named Buddy and who we came to love beyond words entered our lives. When we first met Buddy, we met a creature who had not yet given up; we met a creature who was trying to survive despite the odds and who still had that essential spark of life in his eye. As we stood watching him on the roadside, we heard no fat lady singing- this was not the end for him. Buddy was not meant to die by the side of a busy highway at the end of a rifle. But tonight, the song came; triumph turned to tragedy as Buddy took his last breath; his head cradled in the arms of the Lady in the Hat. A sudden downturn in his condition saw our dedicated vet summoned yet again and pain relief increased but fate had other plans for Buddy.  Despite no broken limbs and no obvious internal injuries, his poor little body could go on no more. Buddy slipped away comfortably and feeling no pain, amidst warmth and kindness, he had a name and in the process he broke our hearts.

That this is not always a fair world is sadly something we know all too well. But when a creature such as Buddy, one our society sees as nothing more than a production unit, makes it almost to the side of happiness only to then be snatched cruelly away, is almost too much for our hearts to bear. Staring into the steely darkness of the night, we struggle for the answer that will make sense of it all, but at this point in time we are coming up empty handed. We know that you too, our dearest friends and supporters will find your caring hearts weeping.  We thank you most sincerely for your thoughts, prayers, words and most of all for your belief in Edgar’s Mission.  While it is incredibly hard to continue on, we will. We shall fight the good fight for all of the Buddies out there whom we may never meet.  Buddy would have wanted it that way. After all, it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved all….

Rest in Peace our beautiful Buddy, no one can ever hurt you now.