Rescue Date

16th March 2013


Buffy-a new breed of kindness

The result of a mating between a Friesian and a Jersey cross cow is Buffy, a sweet faced little black heifer calf. While her gender would normally have spared her the grisly fate afforded to most of her male ‘bobby calf’ counterparts, her particularly weany size and birth deformity did not. Buffy’s steely resolve to survive, despite a severely undershot jaw and a most unusually shaped head, saw her immediately touch the heart of a kind hearted dairy farm hand. Pleading for Buffy’s life to be spared, the worker’s good heart won out. And so the call was made to Edgar’s Mission. If Buffy’s cute little, pearly white tooth revealing, pout doesn’t melt your heart, her pleading pink tongue and innocent eyes will.

Animals will always serve as the greatest test of our society’s humanity, for the best within us seeks to protect them from harm yet the worst seeks to profit from their suffering. Which will you choose? Gentle creatures like Buffy give us the greatest choice there is; one which provides humankind with the opportunity for a new breed of kindness within us all to evolve.