Bugsy and Malone

Rescue Date

19th January 2014


Hands up! This is a Stick up! Meet Bugsy and Malone

Dorper sheep first came to light in South Africa in the 1930’s through the crossing of Dorset Horn and Blackhead Persian breeds of sheep.  The resulting offspring, generally polled (hornless), were considered particularly hardy due to their ability to convert feed to muscle mass quickly and their lack of need for shearing, crutching and fly control.  But like all animals in human care, Dorpers still need human intervention to ensure they can live a good life. But alas, in the case of Bugsy and Malone, human care was, like their fleece, in short supply.  Found wandering roadside in search of new digs, the intrepid twosome bore the marks of neglect.  Overly long hooves, crude rope burn marks around their necks and horns in need of urgent attention told a sorry story and caused the pound workers to hope their eight day stay in the lock up would see them remain unclaimed.  With their prayers answered these two old chaps were Edgar’s Mission bound.

While Bugsy is friendly, indeed very friendly and welcoming of our pats and cuddles, poor Malone is not and bears the worst of the brunt of neglect.  One of his horns in particular was in urgent need of assistance as it had grown perilously close to his head, no doubt causing pain and difficultly seeing.  To add to his woes, a debilitating abscess had set in under one of his overgrown hooves, resulting in pain and lameness.

But these guys are no crooks and certainly not deserving of the harsh penalty they once received, and they are by no means ‘Down and Out’, for arriving at Edgar’s Mission has seen their ails treated, with our new friends now declaring, ‘I’m Feeling Fine’. And while we have no doubt, these two charming characters will always be engaging in ‘stick ups’ in order to dispossess us of our wheet- bix treats, they too are beginning to show us that when ‘You Give a Little Love’ it all comes back to you.