Rescue Date

29th May 2013


She’s as Sweet as Candy!

Calling a duck who has cheated death anything other than Lucky may seem a tad strange to some.  But once you meet this plucky little girl, who staved off an attack by crows until a kindly jogger came upon her, we’re sure you will agree that Candy is far more appropriate indeed!  So Candy by name and Candy by nature, is the now one eyed (a legacy of the crow altercation) Muscovy female duck who has found the wadding ponds of Edgar’s Mission much to her liking.

It’s not really until you get the chance to meet ducks like Candy that one realises what personable, endearing and fun loving creatures they are.  Without facial features to convey their feelings, many people mistakenly see our aquatic friends as dull and boring.  But spend a few enchanted hours watching them busily navigating the farm and you will soon see a creature with real meaning and purpose to their life.

With a ready need for constant access to clean fresh water, for healthy eyes and respiratory tract, a duck’s needs for a good life are simple. These include a good quality diet, with lots of leafy greens, shell grit, protection from predators and the elements and a safe and clean living environment.

So remember, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck (which only the females can do) it may well be our special new friend, Candy Duck!!