Rescue Date

7th October 2013


Cappuccino -Winning the Lottery

Have you ever bought a lottery ticket and dared to dream?  We did just that last night.  Despite the stern warnings from our parents that nothing worthwhile in life is ever gained without hard work, we walked into the local newsagent and bought what we hoped would be the winning ticket. With a mental apology made to our folks, we prayed we could fast track the way to a new home for Edgar’s Mission but alas our dream was short lived.  But today, we did win the lottery!  While it may not be the kind of spoils that will make our bank balance go to the dizzy heights and would have our bank manager think we had been hanging out with Ronnie Biggs, our ship most certainly did come in.  Albeit, our winnings were not in the form of crisply minted dollar bills nor are we able to swap them for monetary gain but a richly rewarding prize has come our way nonetheless. Today, for the first time, our little Cappuccino kid goat sucked on his bottle with all the awkward enthusiastic relish a weak and young kid goat can muster – his tongue hunting in the dark for that elusive slippery teat of his proxy mum.  And it took every inch of our being to stay sitting firmly in the chair, keeping the warm and nutritious fluids flowing, instead of jumping up and down like a banshee screaming, “We’ve won!! We’ve won!!” But it was an emotionally-charged moment nonetheless.

Little Cappuccino, at barely two weeks old, and while never having won a lottery, has more friends, fans and supporters than most could ever hope for in a lifetime and he has now proven himself to be a sterling ambassador for his kind through the simple act of just being himself.  Meeting this dear little fellow, his bubbly personality spilling forth at every opportunity, whether in person (or indeed ‘goatson’) or via facebook, has caused many to galvanise their belief that animals’ lives matter and that the limits we place upon our kindness toward them may not be as warranted as once thought.  But be warned, once a little kid like Cappuccino gets under your skin he will quickly worm his way into your heart and you too will share our belief that each and every one of them deserves to have a future (sadly not many of them even get this) free from harm and suffering, filled to the brim with mountains to climb, buddies to play with and lottery tickets to chew!

And true to our parent’s words, nothing worthwhile in life is ever gained without hard work. Arriving almost lifeless several weeks ago, Cappuccino had been found struggling to survive.  At only a few days old and one of a twin together with suffering a debilitating mouth deformity it was a miracle he had made it thus far.  And not for the intervention of a good hearted family member who quickly recognised the ailing little one and sort assistance we may not be witnessing the cheeky and precocious kid we see before us today. Despite the battle to keep Cappuccino alive being long, hard and even sleepless when we look at him today, it is proof positive that we have most definitely won the lottery!