Captain Jack Sparrow

Rescue Date

1st June 2013


Ahoy Me Hearties – Meet Captain Jack Sparrow!

“This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow!” We can just imagine our new porcine pal oinking this out over his shoulder as he made good his escape from a pig farm and set ‘sail’ into the sunset. Whether he broke through a fence or fell from a truck, we do not know, however, pirate or not, a life on the run is no life for a pig. And so, before he could say, “Shiver me timbers,” a rather disgruntled Captain Jack Sparrow soon found himself shacked up in an outer suburbs’ pound. With no one forthcoming to claim him, it was a kind hearted pound worker who alerted us to his plight and shortly after, it was Edgar’s Mission Ahoy for Captain Jack Sparrow!

Unfortunately for pigs, it is not fantasy pirates they need fear the most but we humans. The approximately 5 month old Captain Jack shows evidence of having endured teeth clipping and tail cutting prior to his arrival at our sanctuary, both painful procedures that are routinely performed upon young pigs within factory farming facilities without anaesthetic or pain relief. Both are procedures that would be illegal if performed in this fashion upon a ‘pet’ animal such as a cat or a dog. And, with no parley for pigs on the horizon, in the meantime, it is the choices we make that will keep the Captain Jacks of our world not only from having to endure such treatment but also from ultimately ever having to ‘walk the plank’.

Although he may appear to still be digging around for it in his paddock, Captain Jack has most certainly found his buried treasure. A chest of gold it may not be, but there can be no doubt that for a pig, a life of love and kindness; a life worth living, is the greatest treasure indeed. Having shown himself to be less swashbuckling swine and more personable pig, Captain Jack now spends his days merrily trotting alongside our volunteers and offering his happy piggy grunts to all who pass by. And now that he has been spared his premature visit to Davy Jones’ Locker, one thing we can guarantee is that this is one pirate who is sure to say, ‘Ahoy!’ to your heart.