Rescue Date

3rd March 2013


Chivalry is not Dead

As Carmello slowly but proudly draws a deep breath, puffs out his chest and stamps his feet, his magical pasodoble begins.  A seductive cock of his head sees his fiery testosterone-charged breath race through his body as the matador circles his victim.  But this is no sinister death dance, and Carmello wields no deathly sabre beneath his cape, only a proud rooster wing fans out, stiffens and then drops to his side with his tiny chicken feet dancing a little ‘cha cha cha’ as he rounds up his wayward lady friend.  And yet again we are enchanted by his manly rooster charms.

Though Carmello, a petite little white rooster with a most strikingly handsome red comb, comes with a tale we all too often hear – yet another victim of a school hatching project, he comes with an undertaking of which we have never heard but we most richly welcome.  Having morphed from cute chirping chick to vocal testosterone charged rooster, Carmello’s lot was looking grim. But he had kindness on his side in the form of a determined family who learned of his plight and refused to let injustice rule the day.  Seeking not only a good outcome for their beloved new friend, but joining our call for an end to the ill-conceived chicken hatching projects, both Carmello’s guardian and Edgar’s Mission determined that if we are not a part of the solution then we are a part of the problem. And so we hatched a plan.

Taking our offer of sanctuary for Carmello in exchange for an undertaking to never allow the hatching of chicks to be a part of the school curriculum again, Carmello’s guardian family provided a compelling argument to the School Principal and in an historic move, the agreement was made.  In congratulating the school we sincerely commend the determination of Carmello’s friends for speaking up for chickens.

And while Carmello and his protective antics towards his hens prove that chivalry is not dead, the actions of his caring family prove that kindness most certainly is not either. And that has to be something to crow about!