Casper, the Friendly Goat

Rescue Date

29th May 2013


Down on his luck and haunting a council pound of late was Casper, an elderly, odiferous yet strikingly handsome billy goat. With his sheer size and some of the most impressive horns we have ever seen, his appearance alone may well have been enough to put the frights on even the bravest passerby. Yet, there was no scare school for this gentle giant, only an affable nature that endeared him to one and all. It was his lonely little bleats and attempts to befriend other wayward animals that captured the heart of a pound worker and saw her call Edgar’s Mission, desperate to seek a safe and loving home for Casper. And this friendly goat was in for a pleasant surprise upon his arrival to our sanctuary, for the two young goats he had befriended in the pound had also made their way through our farm gates just days earlier.

Sadly, in a world that is slowly waking up to the reality of animal welfare, goats are still all too often forgotten. In a ghostlike manner, they are always there but often unseen and theirs is a plight so few know of. From those who live their life on a tether to those who are simply forgotten or left to fend for themselves, these personable, curious and loveable creatures are often deprived of a life worth living. It is our hope that Casper and his plucky personality will begin to shine a light on these misunderstood creatures. Because he is Casper, the Friendly Goat- one of the friendliest goats you will ever know!