Charles Darwin

Rescue Date

30th November 2012


I Have a Theory

Charles Darwin, the survivor of a debilitating farm accident, walks with a severe neck twist that causes him to look partially skyward. His left leg skis across the grass with each awkward step and his back legs do not follow the tracks of his front. His plucky resolve to beat odds that would have claimed the life of a less determined soul immediately touched the hearts of his farming family.  Recognising that Charles would need special ongoing care and a suitable paddock, the call was made to Edgar’s Mission.

While some may look at the awkward ‘Quasimodo’ looking Charles and wonder why he remains alive, one look into his eyes tells you he very much wants to be here.  And sure, he certainly looks different from the other sheep, yet we know inside nothing has diminished his ‘raison d’etre’ (reason for being); he loves the sunshine, enjoys playing with his buddies Bubbles and Babe, comes running as fast as he can when he sees the feed bucket and enjoys the touch of human kindness with great relish- especially when it comes in the form of a good old back scratch.

While the name Charles Darwin has become synonymous with the well postulated theory of evolution and the survival of the most fitting, we trust that after meeting our woolly Charles, many will walk away with a new found theory; recognising that all animals (both human and non-human) want, need, deserve and respond to one thing- kindness.